Stone Walling

Here at Paul Maddocks Paving Solutions, we have many years experience building dry stone walls for the people of Landkey. The dry stone wall building technique has been employed for centuries and has quite literally proven that these structures can stand the test of time!

In Britain there is an estimated 125,000 miles of dry stone wall, and some are ancient, with a wall in Orkney, Scotland dating back over 3,500 years ago! Dry stone walls offer a solid, natural looking fixture around your property. Primarily used for farm, church or field walls; dry stone walls are a favourite among farmers and builders alike thanks to their simple yet durable structure. Whether you have a dry stone wall that needs repairing, or are looking to have one built in Landkey, Paul Maddocks Paving Solutions have you covered!

Dry stone walling is started by selecting the type of stone to be used for the wall. It used to be that these would often be gathered from the surrounding fields (field stones), however nowadays quarried rock is used for modern structures. This is due largely down to the larger variety of rocks available from quarries in comparison to the ones found in fields!

The next step in the process is to build the foundation of the wall. This can be done in a number of ways, though the most common is to lay two rows of stone around the area that is to be walled, and then to build up the wall layer by layer. It is important that larger stones are used as the foundation stones, with smaller pebbles used to fill the gaps. Longer stones, known as ‘tie stones’, are used to join the two rows together.

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